Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Hike Day: Montage Resort, Laguna Beach

What a view!

This was not really a hike at all. The location was suggested for it's clear blue water. It didn't disappoint on that regard. I was looking forward to exploring some tide pools but the rocks were closed due to high swells. Bummer. 

Adventure Kids

The gorgeous locale is in front of a beach front resort. It looks like it's all private property but it's actually a public access beach. There is a small parking lot located off Wesley Avenue. If that lot is full, you can park across PCH, along the street or another small lot. All is metered/pay parking. $1 an hour for a maximum of three hours. Very affordable and if you want to stay longer, you can return to your car and purchase another parking ticket/feed the meter.

I love California.
There is a restroom at the beach front parking lot and another a little farther down. There is no *hiking* trail but there is a scenic walkway along the cliffs. It is lined with native succulents and bougainvillea. There are lovely benches you can sit and take in the spectacular view, all along the way. Not a hike, but it can count as a walk, right?

The beach access point near the parking lot has stairs and a ramp, making this stroller friendly and wheel chair accessible.  

Sharing a shake with my sweetheart.

It was a very hot day with out any report stated 88 degrees on this beach. We didn't get much escape from the heat but I heard it was in the 100 back home. There isn't any shade. Bring an umbrella and do not skimp on the sunscreen.

Children might enjoy climbing on the rocks and looking for sea life. Use caution as the rocks could be slippery and if the tide is high, water will be crashing on the rocks as well.

We were hungry afterward so we stopped for a snack at Ruby's Diner five minutes down the road. We all enjoyed sharing shakes. So delicious and the perfect after beach snack. 

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