Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Hike Day: Willow Spring Park, Signal Hill

I was going out of town mid-day but didn't want to miss getting outdoors. We headed toward a local nature preserve type of park. It was way smaller than I thought it would be.

It was more like a very brief jaunt than a hike, much less a walk. The trail is stroller friendly, paved with tiny gravel or sandy type of pavement. There are NO restrooms. The middle of the park hosts benches for sitting and admiring the view. There is only a trash can at the entrance of the trail, which is inconvenient if you eat your lunch in the middle and are lazy. There was trash near and on the benches which was disappointing. 

It does offer a nice view at points. There is an old, historical train station that is being restored. You can see it from the peak of the trail. If you go beyond the park trail, there is a dirt service road, sort leads down to the train station and you can also see into the old cemetery next to it.

This was low on the adventure scale all around. It was nice to visit a little piece of local history but that was it. 

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