Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What About Our Young Women?

Look...there's lots of talk about the breakdown of youth being brought up in and remaining within 'the church', talk and stats of fatherless young men growing up in our communities, the flight risk of teens...

All this talk...are we over looking what the world vs the church is showing and offering or not offering our *young women*? The world fights for equality, empowerment and a strong female voice. Are we modeling that for our young women, within and from the church?

We can TALK all we want but if we're not WALKING it-we've lost already. How many camps, conferences or youth events can I allow  my daughter, one of my most prized gifts, to attend, where all she sees and hears are men speaking AT her!?! 

And NO, I am not satisfied with the ONE token young woman being thrown 'up there' to share a 'brief testimony' so we can tell ourselves we 'support female leadership'. Our girls and young women need SUBSTANCE and mature female voices being recognized, empowered and heard from within!

As a Jesus loving & following mother, I most certainly can {and will} continue to influence *from home*... But don't act surprised when young women {and/or their mothers} decide there's no place, purpose, or need for them *at church*.

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