Saturday, September 19, 2015

What *Just* a Mom Can Do...

Big box filling with socks for children, women and men fleeing from Syria.
I read about the reports of the toddler arriving on a Grecian shore, drowned at sea, fleeing his country. I am aware of the skepticism about his refugee status. Regardless, there ARE refugees fleeing their war torn countries. I was also heart broken and moved by the world-wide refugee crisis.
There are times God calls us to pray. There are times we are moved to add a physical means of manifestation to our prayers.
This was one of those times.

I am one person. Just a mom, as I have often been referenced. How can I possibly affect the world in any way? One of 7 billion people on this planet.
Maybe I can't but I certainly won't stop trying.

I knew I couldn't do it alone. I called on help from my community. Maybe others would want to help but didn't know how or maybe, no one had asked.

How I got this box holding 609 pairs of socks and 40 mylar thermal emergency blankets, to close.
A list of needs was publicized. I couldn't provide or meet every need...but maybe one?
So I asked. I asked for sock donations. I offered to mail all donations to a reputable address that would get the socks to the refugees landing on their shores. However little or lot we collected would be mailed out.

Six days later I sat on the largest box I had, trying to get it to close.

I employed my family's help. I think community service type of projects and volunteerism is a vital part of life as a Christian. I intentionally find ways for my children to serve, mostly together as a family. I honestly think they are so used to it, that they don't even see it as volunteerism or community service anyway. It's just what we do.
Off to the post office.
Teen boys are great at heavy lifting!
42+ lbs box of socks.

I don't believe anyone is too young to serve. The ktbunch helped shop and collect donations, count socks, pack, wrap and mail out the box...Kurtis helped move the box along the long line at the post office.

I've never organized anything like this before. I suppose this is called a grass roots effort? I don't know. What I do know is that 609 pairs of socks, 40 mylar emergency blankets and $150+ for shipping, was collected and donated from my local community in one week.

Maybe it doesn't seem like much. Nobody knows our names, We're not famous or rich. We're not on the billionaire list of charity givers.
I am one person with a few kids.
One mom.
One Christian.
One woman.
Filling one need.

Kurtis helps at the post office by sliding the box along, while we are in line.
I had an idea and I asked others if they wanted to help.
Now, 609 people on a shore I will probably never set foot on in my lifetime, who left a horrendous situation, risking everything seeking asylum and peace, will have a new pair of least.
A bunch of moms, youth leaders, students, kids, came together and provided for six hundred and nine other human beings they will never meet.

It's socks. I know.
Just socks.
I'm just a mom.
My son is just another teen lifting a heavy box.
It's amazing what you can just do, if you just try.

Imagine how much can be accomplished if another person, one single person, chose to ask others to fill a different need, from their community.
Imagine if one community got together to fill another need.
It starts with one.
One for all.

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