Saturday, October 24, 2015

Church Lady: Reversible Skirt

I thought I was smiling? 

THis is what one of my reversible, wrap skirts looks like when it's actually reversed. It's like wearing sweats to church. That's how I feel anyway, just throw it on, tie and go.
It was a heavy weekend and it shows in my choice of clothing.

I want to look presentable in public and especially at church but at the same time, dressing up felt so insignificant and unimportant. Really all I wanted was to get to a place of worship and dance my heart out. Literally.

I did and it helped changed the atmosphere of my soul.
I paired the skirt with a plain, long sleeved blue shirt. Minimal jewelry in shades of pink. Of course, my favorite sandals/wedges/heels?
Wearing the shirt tucked in gave me a bit of mid-eighties feel, I think. haha. 

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