Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

We started the day off with a trip to Knott's Berry Farm. I knew they had trick-R-treating for the little ones in ghost town. I love dressing up with my kiddos, so why not?

As we entered, the young woman at admissions said: Now, this is good parenting! She was impressed that I would dress up with my kid, matching even. Plus she knew who we were, sot hat was fun. Actually, all the employees at each trick-R-treating stop, knew we were Team Rocket from Pokemon. They each took a moment to talk to Kurtis as if he was James. It was so sweet.

Liberty did not want to wear her costume {Umbreon, a pokemon} to Knott's. Sam, as Ash Ketchum {Pokemon trainer} didn't mind--easy since his DIY costume easily passed as civilian wear. Haha.

Ready to serve!
Later, we set up outside to pass out candy and chili. I returned to serving chili again this year, after all the requests last year. I purchased 150 cups but I didn't make nearly enough. Well, who's counting but I would have liked to hand out more. So we passed out about 50 cups of chili and of course, candy!

It was a highlight when a group of chaperoned developmentally disabled adults, ALL in costumes, came by. We offered the chili and a couple took it, very gratefully. One did not realized and as they were walking away, he realized his friends had chili and he didn't. He looked disappointed. The chaperones explained he could go back and grab a cup too. He was so happy to come back and be given a cup of chili. They were all very polite and well mannered too.
Pikachu, Ethan, Hilbert, Jesse, James, Umbreon, Misty
Ash Ketchum
Team Pokemon!
Of course some people were hesitant, mothers urging their baby-daddy's to try it first. lol Once he gave approval, then they would take some for themselves. Hilarious.

It's not a major deal or very evangelistic outreach opp. It's something though. It's my personal way to GIVE, freely to my neighborhood and community, from my God-loving heart.

A couple of the middles friends, my nephews and brother and sister-in-love all came by to help and hang out. We were ALL coordinated, dressed in the Pokemon cartoon theme.

Like last year, the neighborhood gave off mixed signals. Only a few houses were giving out candy. Literally only one or two per block. As per our annual tradition, we stopped by the neighbor who hosts a drive way dance party every Halloween. He holds a very informal dance contest, with bigger and bigger candy prizes every year. Sam took home the prize! 

Drive-way dance contest winner. 

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