Sunday, November 15, 2015

Church Lady: Brown Dress

I've always loved this dress, just not on me. Haha. It's one of my favorites. I love the small white circle print on the brown fabric. It's well made and I've had it at least seven years. I purchased it in 2008...before my youngest was born.

To me, it will always be my missionary dress. I got it before I went on a short term mission to Ethiopia in 2008. Perfectly modest enough, isn't it?

It does have a bit of an old fashioned look about it. The shoes are even older. A pair of brown Steve Maddens I acquired years ago from the Nordstom Rack--the Nordstrom clearance store.

In the past I accessorized with white jewelry. This time I used turquoise. I have a necklace beaded with turquoise and brown beads (a hand-me-down). A different friend gave me a pair of earrings that match perfectly to the beads on the necklace! I also wore my beaded wrap bracelet, gifted from a friend a couple years ago for my birthday.

Of course, there's another vintage hand bag. The embroidered flower, covered in clear vinyl, one. I wore a layered a fabric flower clip on the side of my hair.

You know...I don't even wake up knowing what I am going to wear usually. I'm not one to plan ahead. I was thinking...what if I did. What if I planned a clothing schedule, along with a meal plan? I bet that could work. Not that I ever realistically would. Well, maybe someday. Planning ahead hasn't been in my nature much. Change could be good though, right?

Hahaha. Who cares!?! It's only clothes.
Have a good week. 

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