Sunday, December 13, 2015

Church Lady: Blue Sheer + Dressember

We've moved and it's Dressember.
The move means random items are missing, lost and unable to be located. It also means that many more items are in transit. Lastly, it means that many more items can not be taken with us, thus the shoes.

I have little space to take everything. I've been wearing my favorite ruby red slippers, I mean my red Vans. They go well enough with most dresses.

Dressember, is a fundraising campaign that supports the right to dignity for women everywhere. By participating, I wear a dress every day in December, hoping to bring awareness, have the conversations in creative ways that involve 31 days of dress wearing.

Right up my alley, I'd say.

Blue sheer over dress with a bit of sparkle. It has a high neck and requires a slip or...duh...see-through! I'm not a fan of showing the goods, if you know what I mean. Luckily I brought this white sweater along with me on the move...Not sure why I didn't realize I might need want more than just 2 pairs of shoes.

Vintage embroidered floral purse--it's become my staple. Even more so with the move--see paragraph above about the shoes. A belt is a must have with this dress.

A little disheveled maybe but hey--the dress matches my hair!

Wear a dress, change the world!
Have a great week. 

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