Sunday, December 20, 2015

Church Lady: Navy Blue + Dressember

This month I have committed to a very special fundraising campaign called Dressember. Participants agree to wear a dress every day in December to bring awareness to and fund raise toward the restoration of dignity for women who have been used and abused, across the globe.

My love of dresses and my love of sewing and building dresses combined with my humanitarian heart and compassion for women who are hurting, seemed like the natural match to join the dressember campaign myself. I do own quite a collection of dresses but most of them are actually not practical for every day wear. Add to that, it's been a cool December...I've invested in quite a few pair of tights.

I borrowed this dress from my daughter. I normally avoid this shapeless shift style. Honestly, I think it's not very flattering on me...but whatever. I have very little here at my dad's house since the move shoe selection is limited but I did make a quick stop to at least have a 'heel' of some sort to wear.  

Jewelry has also been minimal. Surprisingly, this campaign and the move has shifted my perspective a bit. I thought I was already letting so much go but even the little I have brought with me--I am realizing I can still do with less. Initially and over all, I have stuck with mainly two dresses except on Sunday's for church. It's been fairly easy.

As you can see, the outfit is minimal over all. I am really loving the tights which enables to me to wear dresses that would normally be too short for me to enjoy. I still love my flower clips in the hair though!

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