Saturday, January 23, 2016

Church Lady: Sparkly Purple Sweater

This is one of two black skirts that are exactly the same, except one is a matte fabric and the other is shiny. I paired it with my daughter's sparkly purple, cowl neck sweater.

Minimal jewelry since the neck is large. Purple drop earrings, from my friend who swears she orders way more jewelry than she can ever wear. Haha.

Same old wedges/sandals/chanklas! Most of my shoes are packed away in storage so I am making do with what I have. It's not a big deal though sometimes I wish I had more selection. It's definitely first world problem thinking, isn't it? I have everything I need. Why would I need numerous pairs of heels?

The clothes I do have with me, squished in the very small closet space I share with my daughter, are still more than I need to wear. Especially wearing a uniform to work...I could go an entire day in work out clothes until time for work. Sad. Very, very sad. Haha. 

I enjoy dressing nice for church's certainly not a necessity to have to wear a different outfit every week. Frivolous almost, isn't it?

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