Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Hike Day: Bailey Canyon Falls, Sierra Madre

These Falls are NO Falls at all! 

It was disappointing to endure such a dry hike with no watery pay off at the end. The trail and Creek bedscare dry, no moisture at all, indicating this fall has been dry for a very long time. 

There were also a ton of small pesky flies! Bring bug repellent for convenience. The trail head has a very small parking lot. There are nice restrooms and this trail head is the start to many longer, hiking trails. 

The hike to the Falls is mostly sun, hot, dry and not very enjoyable. To find it anyway, follow the trail past the restrooms, through a turnstile at a chain link fence. Take the fire road to the right, pass the bridge, toward the trail to the left.  

There will be signage near the bridge, directing to the nature trail if you cross the bridge. For a maintained trail and guided, educational exploration, I recommend the short nature trail. It has signs identifying native plant species, including poison oak. It's always good to be able to recognize poison oak! 

Unless you are heading to one of the longer trails, I don't recommend this hike. There will be no Falls. Again though, the worst day outdoors hiking is always better than the best day indoors, at home, right? Haha. 

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