Sunday, March 27, 2016

Church Lady: Easter Roses

As usual, I was up all night, Saturday before Easter, making myself a new dress. It wasn't just procrastination, but putting myself last as I prepared extra goodies and festivities for the next day. I don't usually put that much effort into Easter beyond making sure everyone is dressed extra decent. Haha. 

I found this fabric and fell in love with it. It's pretty and whimsical with its mis of bright roses and polka dots over the pretty shade of blue. 

The fabric actually includes a row of roses across the top that I was hoping to incorporate on the dress but couldn't quite figure out my vision. 

I had an idea in my head, but couldn't bring it to fruition. I used one of my other dresses as a pattern/guide like I usually do. The dress still came out too big and the waist too short. It was still wearable and I wasn't going to let any self doubt stop me from enjoying my new dress. I tend to make my own dresses too big, not on purpose, but can usually play it off with a belt and sweater/cardigan. 

Well, all my belts are in storage so I used an old-standby trick: ribbon! I did remember to build pockets into the skirt and I was very happy about that. I even made sleeves, which turned out well structurally but I have mixed feelings about them visually. I forgot to get a picture of them though.

I don't usually return to an already completed project but this time I know exactly what I think I can do to fix the waist and bodice and include the row of roses I wanted to use. 

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