Saturday, April 16, 2016

I Have Enough Time...

I've only got this life...someday, sooner than yesterday, my body will lie in a wooden box. So it makes sense to me, I should try and get used to the woods as much as I can! {did you catch that?} Haha.

 Seriously though, my birthday is in a couple days, & my mother's been gone almost 10 years now. When she died, I realized how much more I wanted to live. Live a good, full, rich life. Not shallow and afraid. Loving fully and honestly. Investing in others, primarily my own people but also investing in myself. Enjoying all the moments I could. Appreciate and forgive all. You find the real freedom there, in the simplicity of gratitude. 

My mother ran out of time too soon and she felt it. I won't though. I will have filled pages, books and libraries of time with all of me. With all my inhales and exhales. 

Yesterday, I filled a small space of time with peace, lying on a boulder, with the wind chill and the sun warming, near a cascading waterfall, with my eyes closed. Life isn't a rush for me. I won't wait 'until I have the time.' I'm taking it now and spending it wisely. It's all I have and all I can give. This life is amazing, why wouldn't it be? 

Thank you mom.

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