Wednesday, April 27, 2016

When Christ Just Sits There...

Click this picture to hear a song that perfectly conveys what I'm sensing.

What I'm learning for right now, is that we need to *sit* in the present sometimes, as uncomfortable and messy as it may be. Sit with the depression, the pain, grief, loneliness, heartache and heart break, that has no cliche way out or quick fix. Acknowledge the darkness and recognize, Christ sits in it with us. Sometimes he's shoveling the manure with us and sometimes he's sitting in the pit with us. 

We can't rush or 'think positive' the pain and disappointment away. We can't pray or worship it away. We can pray and worship with the pain and disappointment right beside and even IN us...and I think that is the sacrifice. 

He did create us to feel the depths of anguish, as much as we can as humans, then it makes the light so much brighter and the beauty so much more brilliant. 

Don't give up. Lift your face, with your tears, if you have them, to the one who knows and understands. You are not alone, not forgotten. He hears you.

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