Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Hike Day: Sunken City, San Pedro

This is more of an explatory walk then a real hike. The sunken city is an old historical collection of ruins, that are now not much more than grafitti covered concrete slabs. There is no trail, the access point is Point Fermin Park in San Pedro. Parking is free and there are public restrooms.

Teens and tweens may find this 'hike' adventurous due to the nature of the environment. There are No Trespassing signs and the sunken city is on a cliff edge. Use extreme caution. The grounds are littered with trash, debri and broken glass. Squirrels run around scavenging like rats. 

There is no direct access. You must 'find a way' to get over and past the low concrete fence and then the steel barred high fence. Some visitors have reported police giving tickets for trespassing, venture at your own risk. 

There is plenty of graffiti artwork to see. You could admire the awesome ocean views. Head back to the park and sit at any one of the cliff edge, ocean side picnic tables. We caught sight of a few dolphins swimming across the horizon.  

While heading to a lunch spot at the park, we noticed Point Fermin Lighthouse. Docents offer free tours of this historical, old lighthouse. Of course we waited until the tours began.

A beautiful home with a fascinating history And it adds educational value to your afternoon.

Enjoy the outdoors.
See you next week! 

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