Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Hike Day: Thurman Flats; Secret Swimming Hole

I wasn't interested in returning to the area we were just at last week but I am sure glad we did! I was afraid the pool we enjoyed last week wouldn't be as full and I was right. When we arrived at the 'pool' the water level was disappointingly low but still splashable. While the kids dropped their packs and began to cool off in the refreshing water, my daughter, another momma and I, headed up the creek to explore a little.

Our own personal jacuzzi in the woods! 
The creek had little man-made pools all along it's winding path. One was the perfect jacuzzi size with fresh, running water streaming down a large boulder, creating a lovely waterfall. The type luxury home-owners pay big bucks for in their back yards! Haha.

We hiked farther up and came across a log wall...with a tent behind it. Obviously, a homeless person had sent up a semi-permanent camp there. We were hesitant but kept going and came upon this...

Chopped down trees and logs created a larger dam then the pool we left behind. It was deep, had a rope swing and other constructions.

We were a bit creeped out, and even more so when we saw the potential builders or at least inhabitants, approach us. The two men played it cool though and so did we. They admitted they lived there. We asked if they wouldn't mind if we brought our kids back up there to swim. They were happy to oblige, stating lots of people enjoy the space.

It's not a strenuous hike, by any least not for us. The guy who lives behind the log wall told us there was access beyond Thurman Flats, along the highway, if you are looking for a shorter route. Otherwise, from Thurman Flats, take the stairs down to the creek and head left. Keep going. 

There is shade and on this day, the water was about waist deep. It can change at any time if the rangers or the Department of Fish and Wildlife (game?) come and tear it all down. For now though, it's a nicely hidden spot...It obviously gets well used though, as proven by the amount of trash, unfortunately. The guy that lives there collects recyclables so at least that helps keep the area cleaned up and he benefits by collecting the recycling fees.

Remember to pack out what you pack in. There are vault toilet restrooms at the Thurman Flats picnic area and a $5 Adventure (parking) Pass is required in the lot and along the highway. Lots of sun so remember to wear appropriate sun protective gear. Don't forget to bring water. The water levels may vary according to weather and season. The trail along the creek is rocky. I don't recommend a stroller but a back-pack/child carrier is fine. 


See you next week.

Example of the rocky terrain and cool, refreshing water. 


  1. Anonymous4:36 PM

    I'm planning an outing to this location and would like to know if you parked at the picnic area to access the stairs or where exactly you were. I'd like to be as specific with the moms as possible, though I haven't been there myself, to keep anyone from getting lost. I appreciate any help.

    1. Park AT Thurman Flats picnic area. The stairs are located at the parking lot, leading down to the water.


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