Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Hike Day: Search for Vincent Cabin/Mine Gulch Trail, Wrightwood

This trail head is the same one for the Big Horn Mine trail, and sections of the Pacific Crest Trail. There is a vault toilet at the trail head, parking is free but I don't recommend strollers but a child carrier would be fine. Trail features sections of full sun and shade cover.

Research is definitely required if you want to find the actual historical cabin. I did research and still missed it somehow. I believe it is on a turn off from the main trail.

The views are spectacular in parts. Fall is in affect, with bright yellow colored leaves littering the trail floor. It was a gorgeous day. Warm with a slight breeze.

Since we didn't find the cabin, the hike was longer than expected. We went all the way down to the gulch and beyond. The trail doesn't appear to get much usage, so it can be a challenge to see at spots.

Trail is mostly dirt and gavel and a thick bed of leaves under the trees. The trail through the trees is where it can become the most confusing to stay on the path.

I must warn you, the worst part about this hike today...was the incessant flies! They were more than a nuisance. They were the small kind that buzz right up to your ears, nose, eyes and mouth. We had to keep our hands moving the entire time we were hiking, to keep them away from our faces.

I guess we could have used bug repellent but this happens so rarely, we never do. I never have any on hand and am skeptical about the chemical usage to be honest. However, it practically ruined an otherwise lovely hike. It took A LOT of patience to endure. I am not exaggerating.

The final picture above highlights the camouflaging of the trail. With out the flies, this would have been a fabulous and enjoyable hike. I don't recommend it if you are tired or feeling impatient. I am hoping the flies were seasonal, as I would like to return and find the historical cabin!

See you next week.

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