Saturday, April 23, 2005

grandma had ANOTHER birthday

Today was the day my mom designated for Gran's 90th birthday party. Her real birthday was Wednesday. Really though, grandma didn't even know why any of us were even there!

What DO you buy for someone who is 90 years old, doesn't know who you are, much less that you're there? What makes a 90 year old demented alzhiemer's sufferer HAPPY?

ANOTHER stuffed care-bear? ANOTHER bracelet for her tiny wrist? ANOTHER coloring book? How 'bout we wrap all the stuff she already has & give it back to her! She had this one cute gift bag & my mom told her to open it--that it was a gift & she just smiled & held it, I think gran thought the gift bag was a stylish new purse!!!!

I couldn't tell if she was crying or laughing or crying out of happiness when we were singing Happy Birthday to her...I think she was confused because there were no candles on the cake, which was HUGE!

But hey, I know it's yer birthday & all but we don't really want to create a fire hazard w/ 90 candles. kwim? simma dahn!

Thinking of my gran celebrating ANOTHER birthday reminds me of the verse: honor your mother & father...& live long on the Earth..(paraphrased) my gran MUST have REALLY honored her parents, which also means......I'm here on borrowed time as it is!

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