Monday, April 25, 2005

Is God My President?

You a in America I just thought of something.

As Americans, I think we're naturally rebellious @ heart & of course independent. We don't live under a monarchy, we VOTE & have a say over who is the leader of our country.

But as a Christian...we are called to be children of The I wonder if as Americans, we really can't grasp the concept of royalty, being a part of it or being under a 'king's' authority. Could that be why IN America, 'religion' is taken for granted? It is a RIGHT & a CHOICE.

You don't normally have a choice to serve a king or not. Either you are born into the royal family or you are NOT. And if you are not born into it then you are a servant of it. You don't get a vote.

How many other countries & cultures have royal rulers or @ least had them within the last century? MANY but not us, nope, no way...first sign of king throwing his weight around & we were kickin up our britches & declaring OUR freedom!

So as a citizen of the USA where I can choose to participate in whatever religion I want or I take my Christian Liberty for granted? DO I serve as a servant under the upmost authority to the King or do I serve as one who gets a vote or say in the matter?

DO I consider God's will in my life as 'negotiable'? DO I think of God as President that I may or may not have voted for & therefore can be impeached @ any time? DO I really think I can try to vote a new rule into the law books? OR maybe vote for myself.......hey God, I think I should be elected into heaven & am the best candidate for that seat right next to you because......But as a Christian...I know there really is no vote, I have no vote, nothing I say or do is going to change my position in God's eyes. Either I am IN or I am OUT. I can choose that but nothing else is negotiable. Once I decide to be IN...that automatically qualifies me to GOD'S TOS! IF I don't like it...I can walk away @ any time...but can you really walk away?

I think THAT is how it is to be living under the authority of the King.

......but what do I know?...I still think MY vote actually counts!

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