Sunday, May 29, 2005

Anyone else HATE bra shopping?

I was in desperate need of some new bra's that I have been putting off shopping for like FOREVER! But my best one from Fredericks (push up, ribbon lace up the front) finally gave way (the ribbon loops wore out)! And all I had left were a few NON-supportive, you can sleep in kind & a couple mishapen cupped ones, from spending time in the dryer (I know, I know, big nono).

SO I broke down & went to Mervyn's! It used to be that I had trouble 'fitting it all IN' the bra & always had to get the ugly 'full figured' kind (back before the majority became 'full figured', now they have pretty ones).I'd have boobs spilling out from all sides in my bra's! You know how when you wear a shirt you see the bra seam AND another roll of boob over-flowing from the top? (aka: spillage) Yah that USED to be me. Back in the day when I used to LAUGH @ 'padded', 'push-up' & the infamous 'water bra'.

SO now....I'm a bit more 'average' (which is being generous). I see a gazillion underwires, & all these pretty little things. The problem w/ those is for me, they HOLD UP but not really PUSH UP. kwim? NOT much to PUSH UP anymore.

I dreadfullly think I must resign myself to the 'nearly' section. You know the bra's that have HALF sizes, like NEARLY A, A, NEARLY B, & B. The size codes on the tags read: NA,A,NB,B. I look @ the models on the tags & yep they sure look like there's NEARLY nuthin' there! But that includes their whole body.It's great & I bet very equalizing for those less-endowed who could never get a right fit before to now have their own section. yay! for them! {rolling eyes}

But what about us?...what about those of us that I will now call "used-to-be's" You know? You're NOT an A, you're NOT a B, but you're just not quite a C or D anymore....hear what I'm saying?

Sure I look great in a halter-itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot-binkini-TOP...but I very well can't wear THAT to church every Sunday now can I?

So I propose a size chart like this: used-to-be-C, used-to-be-D, the tags could read: UTBC or UTBD. I no longer fill in a C but a B isn't quite right. (or I could just be in denial?) This would make it so much easier. It could be filled in w/ something halfway up the cup to make up for the loss of...ahem..volume & mass, extra strong straps to reel those things up... & instead of just 3 adjustable hooks, go ahead & make it an even 6 so we could just let it OUT w/o having to admit that we are no longer a 36. ok? Sounds perfect to me.

Until then, whatever happen to that water bra thingy?


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