Sunday, May 22, 2005

NOT very handi-capable!

Just got back from a trip to San Francisco....can I just say that city is definately NOT very 'equal opportunity'.

EVERYTHING has STAIRS! Even the sidewalks! Not too many handi-capped accessible places. Oh maybe a few..but how would someone in a wheelchair have gotten to that place to begin w/? The entire place is UPhill in EVERY direction. kwim?

Not that I need it since I am blessed w/ very good health. But it was different than what I am used too, even our cross-walks are handi-capable w/ loud beeps to notify a blind person when to cross. The drivers don't care if you are crossing or not, get out of their way if their turning, they'll run you over! I almost got flattened by a delivery truck! And the cross walk was all GO!

The cross walks count down too for how much time left you have to cross. I finally realized it was like a starting line @ the race track..10, 9, 8, 7.......3, 2, 1! 10 points if you hit one! It wasn't how much time I had to was how much time before they could run me over!

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