Thursday, June 23, 2005

Diary of a Recycler Part 1

Off I went..... on my trek to keep the ktbunch from becoming latch-key kids if I were forced by our current economic situation to go to work.........

I walked w/ my head held high, the ktbunch in the wagon & a defiant air that just DARED any mall security (aka rentacop) to STOP me from picking up TRASH! Well, they were too busy hoping to get some action down by JCPenneys where protesters were quietly picketing unfair labor practices. go figure!

I was a woman on a mission!!! who was consistently interuppted by cries of: my frog! my peanuts! L stuck her tongue out @ me! my frog! my frog! as the younger members of the ktbunch kept dropping things OUT of the wagon! argh!

IT was slim pickins on a HOT Wednesday afternoon. NOT as much recyclable action as the busy weekends naturally.

And I thought it was interesting: we will PAY for something we can get for FREE (water) but skimp on soda? I found lots of water bottles, one practically full, to which I did my eco-friendly duty of emptying it IN the bushes instead of on the pavement, & one NEVER even opened.BUT the soda cans I found were mostly CHEAP shastas! go figure!

BUT hey! on the first leg of our adventure........I found $15 folded up together.........& later another dime! heehee!So see...even on a BAD PAYS to recycle!

I also thought: have I sunk to a new LOW OR....have I a reached an exceptional new HIGH of tossing off the chains of conformity & societal tradition & embracing creativity & freedom through desperate resoucefulness? LOL Hopefully the latter.

I did not dig IN the trash...but what if I did?
Ds refused to reach far in the bushes but then I challenged him..would you reach into it if you saw $5 or even $1? Because that is the value of a few bottles. kwim?
But later he found a big 'walking' stick & then had no problem getting the bottles & cans farther in there.
He saw (I smelled) something dead in a bush we passed by.
Laughed @ a mom (or grandma) helping her little boy pee in the bushes. (when you gotta go, you gotta go)
And I pointed out the RAT traps outside Mimi's Cafe. (that's what those black boxes are outside EVERY grocery store & restaurant)
And I saw some other nasty unmentionable trash! ewe! yuck!
DS got scared when he walked by a bush that moved! LOL

Anyhoo....interesting day!

I am a really GREAT mom!
I think it's ALL in the attitude........right?

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