Thursday, June 16, 2005

The GOOD Girlz Guide to being Naughty!

Stripping or the art of the strip-tease is NOT just for exotic dancers & porn stars!!!'s time to throw all your pre-concieved notions of the good girl/bad girl mentality OUT the window! GOD designed sex within marriage to be satisfying, healthy & PLEASURABLE!

SO let's' focus on ONE way to gain & give MORE pleasure in the bedroom w/ the STRIP TEASE! I think you can plan it out...or even just try to remember a few really good moves that would work. Don't pressure yourselves ladies that you need to have this full choreographed sequence of events.... Even just swaying the hips to the music for a bit works! LOL

Also a few really good moves for those who are self-conscious of their bodies, accentuating your best @$$ets!...remember: 'use what you have decorating'!!!

Here are a few suggestions for 'moves'...

Scissor legs: work your way to the floor but facing H & lean back (or even sitting up, like a stretch) spread your legs open & closed a few times, then crossed them & roll over. Makes legs look longer & leaner.

**EVEN excercise moves would work. I don't know how many times I have been doing basic leg lifts & H comments on what a turn on it is! LOL

Bend over: this ALWAYS works. Facing away so H has a backside view. Just bend over, pretty simple, sway a bit or move your back side in cingular motions....H dies for THIS! Makes the rear look nice & round, the bigger the better....

Cat moves: crawling on all fours, sultry like, forward OR away from H, across the floor, couch or bed. Again, avoids 'problem areas', using gravity to your benefit & focusing on rear, extends body when you are stretching out gracefully as you move.

Hands up: Hold hands up in the air but clasped together above head & sway hips to the music. Elongates the body & gives a nice view, really sexy if your hair falls seductively over body parts. (if your hair's short, you can use this move anyway)

Hands across front: can be used same as hands up but you support your breasts to create sexy poses, also good time to use hair again. Don't neglect the use of your hair, coy head tosses are highly encouraged.

Props: feather, scarf, discarded lingerie..... Properly used props can help you slowly move to being completely nude. Use the prop to carress your body where you KNOW he wishes his hands were.

Don't neglect natural spaces/props like the floor or wall. You can lean & dance up against a wall, it creates a silouhette type of scene, try sliding up & down against it. Spreading your legs & arms wide against it. Even a door-way (bathroom, closet or bedroom door) or screen can be a nice teaser, you can be behind part of it, extending a silk stocking'd or bare leg, working your way out.

Same thing w/ the floor: rolling around slowly, always 'get up' rear first, (keeping both hands & feet on the floor while your rear goes up) it will be easier & more seductive anyway, especially if you are in heels.

Take your time.
Candles are ALWAYS good. (they hide a flaws & dirty laundry on the floor! )

** For the extra shy...a sheer screen w/ a light behind it (your side) would be a great 'show' for your dh. Place the BRIGHT light/lamp on the same side as you & it will create a silouhette for your H to see on his side...old fashioned type of show & will help you work up to being completely, face-to-face nude in front of him.

You can manuever this quite frugally: either sheer fabric tacked across the ceiling to hang down, or a created w/ a dividing screen you can find @ home stores...or a super crafty lady could create one w/ some wood or plastic piping. (I once saw a puppet thingy done like this using the plastic piping)

OKAY generous wives you...get creative!!!!
And have FUN!

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