Thursday, June 2, 2005

No Taxation w/o representation......

Whatever happened to THAT anyway?

So the federal government takes %10 of my H paycheck, off the top. Then the state takes their %10 cut then w/ what is left.....ANYthing I buy (except food) I pay %8.25 in sales tax.

Then all my utilities have some sort of taxes on them...local & state.
I mean that can easily add up to %40 of your income in taxes!!!

I just got my recent phone bill & %12 of it is TAXES & FEES! What the HECK is that?

Let's see what they are charging for shall we?

Federal subcriber line charge: $4.42
Rate surcharge: .38 (CR, gee thanks!)
State regulatory fee: .03
Federal Universal Service Fee: .49
CA High Cost Fund Surgharge-A: .04
Ca High Cost Fund Surcharge-B: .60
California teleconnect Fund Surcharge: .04
Universal Lifeline Telephone Service Surcharge: .38
CA Relay Service & Communications Devices Fund: .07
9-1-1 Emergency System: .17
Federal: .96Local: .77
FUSF Pass Through Fee: 1./47
Federal Excise Tax: .65
Ca 911 Tax: .08
Ca High Cost Fund A: .02
CA High Cost Fund B: .29
CA Relay Service & Comm. Devices Fund: .04
CA Teleconnect Fund: .02
CA UNiversal Lifeline Tel. Service Fund: .19
CA Local Tax: .38
Fed Universal Service Fund: .89
Regulatory Surcharges: .03
CA State Regulatory Fee: .01

Now is it just ME or do some of these sound REDUNDANT?

I mean why are we paying TAX on 911?
& what's the difference between a CA High Cost Fund Surcharge B & Ca High Cost Fund B? Don't those sound like the SAME thing?

Who voted for THIS?

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