Wednesday, June 8, 2005 funny like that!!!

Our refridgerator died & TODAY was finally the day my H had off & would take out the old one & bring in our 'new' one which was from a friend, 2 blocks over who had an extra one in their garage. (thank you Lord)

Previously, I had made arrangements for some friends Hs to be available to help, since no one had an appliance dolly. Well, I didn't want to be a nag & burst my H ego or anything, so I asked once if he wanted me to call these friends to 'help'. He said NO, he could do it.

He got the montruous appliance to the door way w/ the help of our 12.5 yo. THEN it got tricky. The doorway has a bit of a step down onto the porch & then 2 steps down the porch. @ that point I asked, "And WHY don't you want me to call our friends?" To which my studly H replied in what can only be described as a good-natured but cave-man like roar of: "Because I am MAN"! LOL

Promptly followed by the fridge falling DOWN the porch steps onto the lawn, spilling out the contents. Because he said he would take them out 'later'. LOL H laughed & grinned sheepishly & picked it all up. LOL

I went to clean up all the dust that was under that thing. I figured it was wise not to get involved w/ the mix of testosterone that was outside. IT all seemed like craziness to me. But I was determined NOT to be bossy about it. (trying something new!)

He & son, went to friend's house & 'walked' the fridge the 2 blocks back. We had a heck of a time getting it UP the porch steps & IN the house, but a neighbor noticed our plight & offered his help. I was useless, that thing was HUGE & HEAVY! I am NOT powered by testosterone.

Yah,'s a FUNNY thing!!!

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