Monday, June 13, 2005

Wedding Reception Reflections

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E & I attended a wedding reception Saturday night, for an old highschool friend of E, who was also the best man in OUR wedding!

It was quite thought regar
ds of this friend who was NOW married. Apparently my private thoughts became public when the best man was making his speech & I automatically made "a face". I couldn't even stop it. The worst part of making "a face" was getting CAUGHT making "a face", as I did when I turned to H & the 2 guests sitting next us then reacted facially (in shock) to my "face".

The best man was talking about the groom & used the word 'honorable' to describe the groom & later even used the word 'noble'. (I had enough sense to excercise facial control by that time)
It was a bit embarrassing. BUT the reality is that EVERYONE was THINKING just what my face was portraying. I realized this later during the 'dollar' dance.

The 'dollar' dance is a traditional dance where the bride & groom basically prostitute themselves out for dances. In other words, you line up & when it's your turn to dance w/ the bride or groom, you pin money on their clothes.

The line for the groom was especially long & the male half of the couple sitting next to us proposed this question: "How many girls in that line do you think he has banged?"

NEED I say more?

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