Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Is TV robbing us of Genuine Moments?

Ok, I think our generation has been SO in-tune to TV for so long that it has created a bit of a pre-conceived experiential reaction in our brains.

For instance, when hit w/ a shocking or traumatic event in our lives...our brains automatically search for a scene from a movie or tv show for clues on how to react? kwim? It's like you can't just NOT know what to you whip out some line from a movie that seemed to fit appropriately in the movie...but it is from a MOVIE! It's NOT a real reaction!

This happened to a friend once....her mother died & her first thought was a song from the Wizard of Oz, "Ding dong the witch is dead!". How sad is that?

I was also the victim of a 'tv reaction' as well. I was being told of a very life changing event & VERY immediate reaction was: Am I on candid camera? & THEN I started quoting a line from GREASE The movie! (the scene in the drive-in when Sandy threw her ring @ Danny & says: And take this piece of TIN!)

IS that what we are destined for? UNoriginal responses for the rest of our lives? Can't we THINK of something more original? OR have we been SO inunudated w/ TV & movies that we are incapable of pulling out a new thought? Our brains are overloaded w/ numerous scene after scene & line after line.

It used to be that TV mimiced it now that reality only mimics tv?

The thing that REALLY sux about it, is that we can say the syndicated lines but we don't get the cool hair & make-up crew!

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