Saturday, June 11, 2005

'Use What You HAVE Decorating!' Part 1

Coming from a woman who used to be VERY voluptuous (yay!) w/ a BIG butt (boo!) who is now thin (yay?) w/ a practically flat boy chest (boo!)....

Okay, Let me tell you what I have learned: {from (what I like to call) my own personal
use-what-you-have-decorating philosophy}

Cellulite can NOT be seen in candle light. {I promote candles as the biggest flaw/fat/dirty-laundry/hider ever invented}

Voluptuous, well endowed women usually ALWAYS look better NAKED than w/ clothes on, especially lying on the bed. {so light a candle & strike a pose}

I've NEVER, EVER heard about a MAN complain about his W NAKED body. Nor complain that she gets TOO naked or naked TOO much!

If your breasts are small or not quite a perky as they used to be---buy smaller lingerie tops (ie: tight) it will hold everything in & up better. Halter style lingerie & tops are especially flattering for smaller busts.

If you are larger up top, use underwire for some great cleavage.
Use your arms to squeeze the breasts together (arms down in front, like w/ hands clasped) for sexy posing opportunities.

Boy shorts are great for ANY booty, the bigger the better because then your cheeks hang out (which I think is the point), if your problem is that yours is too flat, get a thong to create the idea of more curves. Bend over alot in the bedroom, makes it look even rounder rather than mishapen (as many of us women (wrongly) believe our bodies are)

No waist? Use separate pieces of lingerie (bra & panties) to break up the line OR maybe even a corset to create an hourglass shape. Something w/ a built in bra, sheer middle that slits open down the front. (perfect for that pregnant figure)

Learn what your H likes & enjoys in the bedroom. When you are confident in your lovemaking skills & realize all the potential pleasure your body is capable of creating w/ & for your H-------woohoo! You will really start to feel good about yourself.

Creat something just for the 2 of you---become great @ oral, or strip teasing or riding him or erotic massage----whatever. Try to focus on ONE aspect & become GREAT @ it!

PRETEND you are a MODEL. This really works. It really helps you to feel confidently sexy!

Our body was NOT created just for us to stare @ & pick apart inch by inch. It was created to birth babies, nurse babies, pleasure Husbands, nurture family & friends ect. Just because your 10lbs overweight or 50 lbs overweight or 10 lbs underweight, does NOT mean that you can not give & receive sexual pleasure as God intended.


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