Monday, July 11, 2005

Finally washed the car!

The ktbunch was slated to 'help' but I didn't hold them to it. lol

You know how that goes....they start out all excited about helping mommy, which turns into washing their scooter, which turns into playing in the giant puddle on the sidewalk. I don't mind. It's actually easier that way so that they aren't rubbing soap over spots that I have already DRIED! LOL

My SIL showed up just as we started, to take oldest ds to the mall to buy some anime figures.
A funny thought crossed through my mind as they were walking to the car. His hair was a bit messed up & I have been nagging him ALL the time to brush it or CUT it. So as he was walking away I was about to tell him (nicely) to brush it in case there were some girls there.

I have NO idea WHERE that came from BUT I am glad I didn't say it aloud! THEN I thought it best that he NOT look attractive so he would NOT attract any female admirers. That's the LAST thing I need to deal w/.

I'm actually happy that one little girl, that I knew liked him, moved away! is that bad? He never had a clue but female to female, it was SO obvious. LOL

The 'jr hi' is having a beach day Wednesday. You better believe we will ALL be there. Mom, dad, little brother & sister......I think it will probably be the first time we will be in mixed company w/ possibly scantily clad 'hormones'. I know some would not approve just as some would see no problem sending 'jr' off w/o them.

I figure better to attend WITH him & get to know these kids who will be my sons church peers, myself, before I make any hasty judgements. Because we all know I really don't like kids & teenagers even less. ;)

This whole jr hi thing has got me SO freaked out. Last week we walked to church for drama that I lead. Then were not going to stay because I did not want to walk home in the dark & I didn't have my marriage class that night. I suggested that if he wanted to stay, maybe the jr-hi leader could give him a ride. She said someone could give him a ride, no problem. Of course I had to make sure that 'someone' would NOT be under 18. lol

They were on the basketball court & as I was walking away, ds yells out to me: Love you Mom. I was caught off guard. He had even given me a kiss on the cheek goodbye. I thought he would be embarrassed so I didn't initiate it. Being the joking family that we are...I yelled back, love you too & then went on to say it in a high pitched voice. "I love you son, I'll miss you, I really love you" & blew him kisses & everything.

I thought his friends would make fun of him or something & he'd be embarrassed but he just laughed & kinda did it back! {THAT'S MY boy!!! LOL}

Then I mentally kicked myself on behalf of mothers everywhere who get rejected by embarrassed teens. What WAS I thinking trying to embarrass him like that? I'll never make THAT mistake again. whew!

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