Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Desperate Girlz Guide to Hair-Care:

Hair frazzled? No $$$ for a trim? Out of deep conditioner? Desperate?
Have no fear!
The 'desperate girlz' solution is HERE!

BEWARE:FIRST a warning: desperateness can lead to temporary insanity, such as asking H to cut your hair! No matter HOW desperate you THINK you are----> do not, I repeat do NOT enlist your H to help you cut your hair. You are NOT that desperate & if you do not heed my warning YOU WILL BE!

If your ends are feeling fried & your hair looks more like hay, just take a trip to the kitchen. No not to find comfort for your despair in that giant tub of pralines & cream! For the mayonaiise silly! Spoon a dollup on your hair, concentrating on ends as a conditioner. (**also kills lice) Rinse & shampoo as usual.

Product build up? A good vinegar rinse will clarify & bring back that shiny mane!

In desperate need of a hot oil treatment? Take that corn oil (or whatever is on hand), slather it on, put on a shower cap & blow dry. Voila'! Shampoo as usual.

Dandruff? Back to the restroom for that one. Give your scalp a tingly mouthwash rinse.

But remember, no matter how desperate you *THINK* you are, how down & out you think you look, how frustrated you feel, do not, I repeat DO NOT enlist your H to help you cut your own hair. You will ask him, he will not know how to respond, knowing he is setting himself up for disaster, but w/ persistence he will give in. This can only have ONE ending: very, VERY bad.

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