Friday, July 8, 2005

Has THIS ever happened to YOU?

I thought I would wash the car.
I know how much H likes it to be clean & it was dusty & quite cluttered inside.

Well, I never got 'around to it' as the day wore on & I felt a bit guilty.
I also wanted to take the middle seat out & put it back in the garage so it would be more roomy & spacious & I didn't do that either.

I started to feel more & more guilty about I was being plain ol' lazy about it.

Finally it was time for church & as we were getting ready to go I called H to make sure he would be off on time for me to pick him up from work as scheduled OR if he would be working late.......

He informed YES, he would be off as scheduled...but......HE has the car! DUH!

Then I had to rush to WALK to church! LOL

@ least I could STOP feeling so guilty for NOT getting around to washing the car! LOL

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  1. You absolutely crack me up!!! This sounds like something I would do...thanks for making me laugh today.


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