Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, QUIT looking @ me!!!

You ever meet someone so similar in personality to yourself that @ first you just LOVE it & them to pieces. You figure that FINALLY you have met someone that really UNDERSTANDS your POV, thinks like you, analyzes things like you ect.

But also start to see that they possess some of the same weaknesses as you. Except you can only recognize it because you have grown past them. You have realized how immature that line of thinking or judgemental attitude was. You cringe when you recognize it within a friend. At least I do.

What do you do? Can you confront another in love? Will they even listen? I think it depends on what YOU would do when you were @ that point in your life. When I was 'like that' would I have listened if someone told me I was wrong? I can honestly say it would have depended on how strongly I held my opinion to begin w/. kwim?

I can look back & w/ shame remember when I was too hard on someone but so sure I was RIGHT. And sometimes I may have been. But the problem was, back then, I cared more about being right then not. Although I never would have recognized it. I thought by proving I was right, I WAS being 'loving'. I was sharing 'in love'.

I have also realized that I was also wrong on many things too.

Other times I was actually naively ignorant. I didn't realize that I basically, was talking out of my bu++! Now after a few more years of crows feet, heartaches & stretch marks under my belt, I can see things much more clearly. LOL

I have a slower tongue, choose my battles & sometimes actually remain QUIET! {gasp}.

I hope that will be the case for my friend. I hope the lesson can be learned before it's too late. Words can wound, whether we realize it or not. Those wounds are not just for the person we focused them towards but also will pierce our heart when that realization comes that you are the one responsible for the wound of another's heart.

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