Friday, July 1, 2005

How to lose 20 lbs in less than 10 minutes.

Seriously it works. I should get a patent & market this @ 2am on Saturday mornings on UPN, it's THAT great!

It's ALL about the NEW math. Really it's just old math used in a NEW & exciting way!
I will share this fabulous secret w/ you for FREE, because that's just how I am!

Ok, let's say you weigh a buck fifty (that's 150 lbs)----NO that's WAY to easy! You must weigh an UNeven #, we ALL know the importance of EVERY pound, so think, do you REALLY weigh 150 or is it 148?

SO ok, let's say you weigh 147. THEN you drink lots of water & sweat alot one day. You drop to 144.

THIS is where my secret comes weigh 147 BUT you round off to 150, no big deal, using the properties of 'estimation' & 'rounding off'. THEN you lose a 'few' lbs.......& are down to 144 Now you have 2 choices, you can round off again by #1) saying you have lost another 5 lbs OR #2) you can just round down your new weight of 144 to 140....see where I'm going w/ this?

INSTANTANEOUSLY you have lost 10 lbs! 150 to 140!
And just for reading this today I will throw in, absolutely FREE, my added 5lb bonus, @ no added cost to you!

It's easy, on any given day a woman's weight shifts 5 lbs in either direction allowing us the use of the UNwritten 5 lb variable rule---> which is: you can UNDER estimate your weight by 5 lbs @ any given moment!

SO IF you had rounded off your 3lb weight loss to 5lbs (option #1) that would bring your weight to 139 then minus the 5lb 'variable' & it lowers to 134, rounded off is 130! just lost 20lbs! (150 to 130)

You should really be proud of yourself. You look great!

It's all about working smarter NOT harder!


  1. learningdaily12:53 PM

    I SO had to laugh at this post. Thanks for sharing a new perspective...I needed it. :-)

  2. Anonymous2:58 PM

    This is clever and evidence, I guess, of the saying "Figures never lie but liars always figure." :)


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