Sunday, July 3, 2005

When did THIS happen?

The last thing I remember......I had been rushed in to the ER for an emergency C-section, which produced a 6 week premature 4lb 1 oz baby boy.

Next thing I know, I'm waking up, the mother of skinny 12.5 year old 'junior higher' who sweats (& smells) like a 'man'!

Suddenly I'm thinking HOW can this be? NOW I've got less than 6 years to teach him everything he needs to know to enter the world as a fully productive & ethical adult. Already?

Talk about a biological clock ticking. Nothing moves faster than the time between when your baby is born & the time they reach puberty. (I imagine it's to make up for that opposite time anomoly that makes the 9 months {or in preemie case, 7.5} you are pregnant, seem to last for @ least a good YEAR!)

But if we're talking time travel & the whole 'time is relative' scientific law thing....then childhood should last @ minimum of 19 years & we could wrap up puberty in 1, maybe 2, if you're extra patient. Cause every mother knows that 18 years is not nearly enough time. Not NEARLY enough.

I tried to change things w/ the younger ones, honest I did: I keep telling my 5 yo to stop growing but he is SO disobedient! LOL And he keeps telling me how he can't wait to grow up so he can eat all the chocolate m&m's all by himself like I do!

Maybe I should make adulthood look unappealing & boring------> BUT I'd hate to give him the wrong impression. ;)

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