Monday, July 4, 2005

My DD almost drowned today!

It's exactly like they say on all those summer public service announcements: it all happened w/ in a split second & there was NO noise.

All the children had gotten out of the pool. Sam & liberty took their floaties off. We were all on the deck starting to get snacks & drinks ect. I turned & saw Liberty IN the center of the jacuzzi, w/ her hands up, going under & under, she could NOT touch.

Immediately, I yelled her name & ran & jumped in & grabbed her. I was fully clothed & I even jumped in w/ my flip-flops. She was calm but you could see the fear in her eyes & relief when I pulled her out. She was not sputtering, she had held her breath. She was quiet. NO crying, no talking or anything. Just quiet.

I hugged her & held her tight, wrapped her in a warm dry towel & thought: I NEVER wanted to let her go again! I felt like crying afterwards, the stress you know. But I didn't. I just held her for a long time. Said quite a few verbal Thank you to God & His angels for watching my girl.

Everyone 'Amened' to that!

It's so easy to take everyday for granted. The truth is that we don't know when our final day is gonna be. God does & I know he has it all pre-planned but I am very grateful that for my dd, it was NOT today. God took the time to remind me today, again, how important these days are.

How UNimportant it was this morning to fight w/ my little daughter to get her hair brushed just right. How UNimportant it is to rush her out the door to get to a bar-b-que. How UNimportant it is to get upset over a messy bedroom.

AND how IMPORTANT it is to hug my child a little longer today. How important it is to hold her close when she was cold but didn't want to change out of her dress. How important it was to make sure my son had a little extra chocolate cake, even if we were on our way out the door.

Nothing like a good ol' scare to whip those priorities into shape hanh?

I didn't even mind sitting around in wet jeans afterwards either.

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