Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Princess of Quite Alot

Yesterday we stopped my the parents house to pick up gifts for dd & ds b-days, they have turned 3 & 5.

DD received some 'glass slippers'. They were plastic Cinderella shoes that light up, packaged & sitting upon a 'pillow', just like Cinderella's glass shoe. She was ooohhiinng & aaawwwing when she saw them. She tried them on & they were too big. So she wanted to take them off. I told her that she just needed to 'grow into' them & after her feet grew then they would fit.

She also got some hair accessories (a mini tiara of course) & some stick on nail jewels.

She promptly woke up this morning requesting me to paint her nails so she could put on the nail stickers. Of course I did.

Then she also went to find her 'slippers' & informed me that her feet had grown so they would fit & she could wear them now. LOL

Later, while serving breakfast, I called her princess when I asked her something & oldest ds remarked: "Mom, don't say that or she might start believing it." To which I replied, "Well, it's true. She is a princess of God, the King. And I want her to know it so she won't allow anyone to treat her as less than that." And I mean it.

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