Thursday, July 21, 2005

The PLOT thickens.....

Didn't think 5 yo ds would notice....HA!

He asks me this morning WHY "Jon Hamster" has a white stripe? {didn't the original one have one?}

I say: "uhhhh....uhhhh....I think he always had that". He says, "nooooooo".

THEN I say: "oh it must have just been the way his hair grew...."

He was a bit skeptical but then he bought it { can you say:whew!} "OH!" & he excitedly ran off to tell his brother that his hamster 'grew a stripe'.


  1. Oh My Goodness.. you have me laughing SO hard right now.

  2. I've enjoyed all of your blogs. Here's a new one to try...have you ever gotten tagged?

  3. I linked to your blog from Heather's blog. I think you live about 5 min from my in-laws. They go to church in Lakewood. What a small world we live in...she tagged me too!


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