Tuesday, August 9, 2005

A few things I've learned.....

...IF your gonna do a seductive dance for your H, while standing on the bed, make sure the cieling fan is OFF!

...if/when you do that seductive dance ON the bed, it really should be on something more solid because a ceiling fan isn't that stable to grab onto when you are about to fall off.

...hot/warming massage oil should never be confused as a personal lubricant, it burns!

...if you use bengay for achy muscles, make extra sure you wash your hands before coming in contact w/ 'intimate' parts.

...you cannot see cellulite in candlelight.

...the one time you don't lock your door, someone will forget to knock before entering!

...if it slips out to the kidbits that you want a clear shower curtain so you can see daddy naked, they WILL repeat it.

And this has nothing to do w/ the bedroom but for continuity sake: the ONE time you are organized enough to have everyone in coordinating outifts & make the appointment in time to get your portraits done in time for Christmas, the photographer will die & you won't be able to get them back until next year anyway!

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