Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Run like an "Inja"

The other day I went 'jogging' w/ H.. (I mentioned it previously, as me riding the bike...lol)

I don't RUN, but H does, I mostly tagged along on the bike. I have NEVER in my life had the desire to run. I see no point unless you are in danger. Needless to say, I avoid danger.

Well, H hadn't been running for awhile & he could tell. I offered to switch w/ him, he could ride the bike for awhile & I would make an attempt to 'run'.

Yah, that didn't last very long & since my decision to accompany H was last minute, I didn't have a sports bra on & every woman knows how uncomfortable that is! lol

But the few minutes I was running, I thought of the ktbunch & how they run. They hold their arms out behind them & run w/ their heads leading the way. It is a very awkward way to run actually. But they do this because of an anime cartoon they watch w/ their dad, has 'Ninjas' & that is how the 'Ninja's' run. DD pronounces it 'Inja'.

So as I was running, I started to 'run like an Inja' & suddenly it became much more enjoyable. I made sure to step in (& splash) a puddle I passed as well.

Then I wondered why don't we ALL 'run like Injas'. It certainly would make life a lot more fun!

I think I might even start to enjoy running if I ran like an Inja regularly. ;o)

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  1. Hmmmm....might have to try THAT sometime!! :-)


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