Wednesday, August 17, 2005

God is sooo sweet!

I had a not so good night Saturday night, nothing major just disappointing. Afterward on my looooong drive home, alone, I was thinking about the transpiring events.

Then 2 flashes of light appeard in the sky before me. I was thinking about the meteor shower that we missed due to the clouds. I remembered that I had read that the meteors could appear as shooting stars OR flashes of light across the sky like lightening.

I was so touched. In my pity party mood, as I was questioning up to God why my evening had gone the way it had, He sent these 2 flashes of light. Something that noone else would even care about but ME. They were just for ME.

In my bit of loneliness, God reached out to ME in a personal way. I was so touched.

How sweet is that? :o)

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  1. Isn't God good? It's those little things that mean so much. Hope you are feeling better!


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