Friday, August 19, 2005

You HAVE to laugh...

I PROMISE this is true...if things like this didn't happen to me on a regular basis, I might not believe it myself.

We were @ the park yesterday evening so H could play tennis. DD needed to use the restroom. No big deal. As I went to take her I noticed the outside gate to access the restrooms was locked. No big deal, I went into the rec center to access them from inside.

We walked through the door to the hall that accesses the bathrooms & just as I realized the restroom doors were locked the hallway door shut behind us. IT was locked too! So now we were locked IN the restroom hallway! NO way OUT unless someone came IN. BUT who would come in since it seems EVERYONE else knew that the restroom doors were locked except me!?!?!

I thought of yelling out the gate to DS #1, but since he was running around playing, I figured he would not hear me & I would look even more like a loon. So I began knocking on the hallway door to get OUT!

Noone responded.

I knocked some more. Tried to jiggle the door. NO response.

I couldn't help but laugh inside because I am so used to stuff like this happening to me. I thought what a dork I must be for this to happen! lol I don't believe in reincarnation BUT if I did, I'm sure I must have been Lucille Ball in another life! lol

I figured someone would walk by eventually. I decided to continue knocking until they did. My knuckles were getting a bit sore. I didn't want to bang on the door & appear to be a crazed lunatic. But I did jiggle it a bit more vigorously since noone was passing by. Surely someone would walk by or hear it eventually, right?

Finally, a young female staff member came & opened the door. I just laughed. I let her know I did not realize that the bathroom doors were locked, as well as the outside gate & before I knew it, I was locked in the hallway! I also tried to play it off by redirecting the attention (although I was sincere) to the fact that there should be a sign or the hallway door should be locked completely because a child could have gotten locked in there & then what?

She was apologetic & said she usually sees everyone pass by & directs them to the other restroom but somehow we slipped by.

NBD. I am realizing that I have been blessed w/ a pretty easy going nature. I thought this incident was pretty funny! :o)

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  1. That is tooo funny. :-) Hope DD was able to "hold it" that long!!!


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