Friday, August 12, 2005

How do you look?

Recently, a friend asked me what my H likes to see me in, dresses, pants or what? My response was: "Naked"

We chuckeld over that but it's true. H does not care too much what I wear daily but he LOVES to see my body in the nude. I suspect most H love to see their W nude as well.

H does make a point of complimenting me when I am dressed especially nice. It's so important for us to remember our H visual needs. Most men are visually stimulated. There are plenty of tempting opportunites in daily life & the best way to avoid the temptations is to be full & satiated by our lover BEFORE we/they are tempted.

I think it is important for W to present themselves as attractively as possible when greeting their H home from work or time away. I'm not advocating a return to June Cleaver's heels & pearls (although that might be fun) for everyday attire, but a fresh face, clean clothes & a smile @ least.

Who doesn't enjoy being greeted w/ a smile? followed by a hug, a kiss and......who knows where the evening will go from there...... :o)

It's also important to remember to feed the desires of OUR H, not just most men. Find out what YOUR H likes to see you in (or out of) & try to fufill that desire on a regular basis.

Song of Solomon 4:1a
Behold, thou art fair, my love;behold, thou art fair.....

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  1. Thank you! I was inspired by this post.


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