Friday, August 19, 2005

No wonder.....

Lately I have taken to brushing my 5 yo teeth myself. Otherwise he spends literally ONLY 5 seconds doing it, even though he knows better!

Today I had him kinda lay down & rest his head in my lap so that I could give them a really good scrubbing. THen I saw that he had 2 new molars coming in from the top in the back! WoW!

I thought they grew an extra set of molars around the age of 11 or 12 & maybe wisdom teeth in their later teens or adult years....

They are only @ the top, not on the bottom.

The past few months, he has gotten mysterious fevers that seem to last only about 1 day, he sleeps all day, hardly eats & then the next day or 2 is fine & back to normal.

I'm now thinking, maybe these molars are the reason why....he was TEETHING! lol He never complained of any pain or anything though....oh wait...he might of ONCE & I told him he needed to brush his teeth better.....but that was only ONCE!

Funny, I told him, HEY! You are getting some new teeth! Then he was totally excited the rest of the day that he was getting some 'new teeth'! I guess when you've only had your teeth for less than 5's something to be excited about? lol

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