Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Upside of Anger

I saw this movie a few weeks ago. The main character is a 40's something wife who believes her H has left her to run off w/ his Swedish secretary. She also has 4 daughters in various ages, highschool to college.

One particular scene in the movie has stayed w/ me all these weeks. A minor character gets involved w/ the heroine's dd who is much younger than him. This character is portrayed as a bit of a sleezy guy who goes for girls much younger than himself. The heroine, dealing w/ the rejection by her own H, thinks he's disgusting & finally lets him know it.

She asks him WHY can't he date women his own age?

His response was quite insightful. Don't quote me on it....but his answer was: young girls are NICE! The older ladies, ladies his age, are mean, bitter women. Much like the heroine was becoming. I have seen this IRL.

Young beautiful women are everywhere. There will always be someone younger & prettier than you. What happened?

When we are dating our future spouse, we put on all sorts of 'airs' & charms. We get dressed up to go out. We pick out our underthings w/ care & concern. We wear our best clothes, pretty earrings, do our hair. Down to the polish we have on our toes. WE look HOT. Then we also put on our best behavior.

We laugh @ his jokes. We charm him. We hold his hand & lean in close when he's talking. We gaze into his eyes. We pay attention. We come home & count the minutes when he should be arriving home so we can call him & talk some more. We just want to hear his voice. No matter what he's saying. We are more than nice.

Hook. Line. & sinker.

Years go by, kids are born. Whatever. Where is that young vivacious girl now? Is she bogged down by worry & discontent? Is she angry because the garbage wasn't taken out today? Is she upset that the towel is on the bathroom floor?

Are we making it easy for our men to have their heads turned towards those nice young girls? Or are we welcoming them home? Have we become bitter wives? Contentious partners? Sourfaces? Do we nag every chance we get? OR save our niceties for 'pay day'?

Remember that young girl you were? How much you loved even a few moments w/ your man? You cherished those moments & gave him all your attention. You loved to hear about his day whether you understood it or not.

Are we turning our men away w/ our frowns? W/ our worry?

She's still there...sure there may have been some surprises along the path, maybe you lost your way for awhile. I'm sure he may have too. You can re-start today. SMILE.

It is the quickest & easiest way to improve your value.

Remember every time you push him away, give him a frown or complaint, there are plenty of other women out there just waiting to lavish him w/ attention, compliments & smiles.

SMILE! ;o)

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