Thursday, August 4, 2005

Prayer Works!

I get so frustrated sometimes because I am constantly losing things that I just KNOW I put RIGHT THERE!

I was frantically looking everywhere for my sunglasses the other day.....Ds #2 says one of his lil' sentence prayers: "Dear Jesus, please help mama find her sunglasses." as I was digging through my purse even though I KNEW they were NOT in there!

A second later, right @ the bottom, are my sunglasses!

I was so excited to report to ds that his prayers were answered! & then I thought how dumb it was for me to get so irritated over a stupid pair of SUNGLASSES! The things we WASTE energy on hanh?

Well, it's official, TODAY, ds #2 was initiated into the 'scarred chin club'! He will now be the proud owner of a split chin scar, just like ME & his lil' sister! I was SO calm & handled the potentially traumatic event quite well.

I saw that fleshy little spot split open BUT made sure to turn my head away as I cringed. I made extra sure to have him hold the RED striped part of the towel over the bleeding spot while calmly assuring him that everything was fine. Chose NOT to go to the ER, since I now know {from experience} that they do not give 'stitches' anymore, but use $500 medical grade super glue. I have my own 'medical grade super glue' kit @ home that I bought after the last ER trip for $11.99 from Target!

He was NOT too thrilled @ the prospect of 'butterfly band aids' & 'glue'....but it was more palatable to him then having a 'big chin' (a giant cotton ball strapped to his chin by a regular band aid) that he thinks everyone will laugh @ him about.

All's well that ends well. ;)

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