Friday, September 16, 2005

BE Flirtatious

Flirting is NOT just for giggling teenage girls. Flirting is FUN & can help relax or invigorate the 'mood'. Have you forgotten HOW to flirt?

One afternoon @ the mall (or any teen hangout) should be all you need to remember. I bet your DH would LOVE you to flirt w/ him. Why not? It's mostly body language...what has your 'body language' said lately? Does it say, I want you, you're cute, or get near me & DIE! lololol

Here are a few reminders in case you have forgotten how.......

giggle @ his jokes (or anything he says. lol)
touch his arm while your talking
play w/ a strand of hair while your talking
laugh AND touch his arm for a second
put your head down while looking up & batting your eyelashes
race him to get the mail
wrestle w/ him over the remote
attempt to feed him his next bite of dessert but miss his mouth
clean his face w/ a kiss
kiss him unexpectedly @ a red light next time your driving
tickle him

Since you ARE married you have free reign to take your flirting ALL the way & 'follow through'. :o)

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