Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Exciting Weather

Yesterday, late afternoon, early evening, oldest Ds noticed a partial rainbow in the sky. I am always excited to see a rainbow, it's not very common. THe weather had been mild all day.

I had some movies due @ the library & in trying to 'turn over a new leaf' I wanted to get them back in time to avoid a fine, so we quickly loaded up the bikes & took off. We arrived w/ less than an hour to spare till 'closing' time. whew! We didn't stay very long since it was already dark & we were on the bikes.

On the last block home, I noticed a few flashes of light, wasn't sure if it was cars passing by or what. Then we noticed more of them & concluded it was lightening but there had not been any thunder. Interesting. After we were all snuggled together (while I read aloud, dad was working late) we thought we noticed the sound of raindrops in the back yard. Oldest looked out the front but only saw a dry sidewalk.

We began to hear the thunder and definately raindrops. The littles insisted on gettign up from bed to peer out the windows. Sure enough, RAIN! Also lightening & thunder, loud, booming & cracking thunder & lightening. ALL night. IT was so exciting.

I love this weather. I was awakened off & on all night by the cracking thunder, it was so loud & it shook the house. It poured non-stop all night. It is noon now & it is raining again. Our power has flicked on & off once already & we need to reset the microwave clock.

We will bake chocolate chip cookies & maybe have tea or hot chocolate w/ them for lunch. :o)

We live in a state known for it's mild & sunny weather, so a taste of something else is to be cherished. For all I know, this might be the only bit of 'winter' we have this year. lol So I like to make the most of it. :o)

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