Monday, September 5, 2005

Fresh HOT Apple Pie!

Tonight I made an apple pie, from scratch. Nothing new except that for some reason this was the first time I actually followed a recipe. I have made apples pies in the past, I just cut the apples, tossed in some butter & sugar & wondered if this was really what homemade was supposed to taste like?

I have had this wonderful pie & pastry cook book for a few years now. I know I've used it for crust recipes...I guess I never actually used it for the pie filling. Who knew! lol

The pie is absolutely DELISH! btw. SO glad I finally followed directions instead of doing it the same old {my} way. I don't even know what prompted me to even look in the cookbook in the first place. ???

It has an oatmeal crumb topping. Oldest ds helped. He did most of the peeling, coring & slicing of the apples. OH! And he also picked the apples off of our tree. :o)

But then a BAD thing happened. As I was trying to put foil (as directed) around the edges of the pie crust in the last 10 minutes of baking...{ I don't know how they do that because it was burning HOT!} I was using a dishtowel to put the foil on. I got 2 strips on but needed a bit more. I put the towel under my arm to hold it while I got more foil.

I did not realize that some of the bubbling HOT apple filling glaze had gotten on the towel. YIKES! As I unexpectedly started to feel the burning sting, I rushed to the faucet to run cold water on it as it was feeling hotter & hotter. My eyes started to tear up.

The glaze hardened on my skin. I thought this was not a good thing. I was trying to rub it all off when I realized {TMI gross out alert} I was rubbing off my skin!!!

OH! That thing was still hurting so bad...I had a few choice words running silently through my brain. I wanted to cry. The area was red & the part where a thin layer of skin had come off just looked like a bad sunburn that peeled & was white.

I wrapped it w/ some gauze that won't stay on. The pain has finally went away BUT I think it is only because the burn has now turned into a GIANT blister!

I couldn't believe how much it stung & hurt. Seriously. I had to just send the kids to bed, it was past thier bed time anyway...but I couldn't even think straight.

I've never burned myself like that before. No curling iron burns, no oven I'm probably going to have a yucky scab & maybe scar. rrrggghh!

@ least my pie came out good. hmph!

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  1. Ouch!! Glad the pie turned out OK....but OH the hazzards of cooking and kitchens! :-) (From a friend who doesn't cook much at


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