Monday, September 12, 2005

I'm doing the Detox!!! finally!

I'm doing a Lemonade Detox. It's WAY past time. Everyone IRL doesn't seem to understand 'detox'....kwim? I am NOT trying to lose weight...(which unless your really over-weight or do it for a LOOOOOONG time, you usually don't) but I can tell that I've got some toxins (& addictions) built up.

I consume/crave absurd amounts of CHOCOLATE. SO much so that I am even having recurrent yeast infections from it (sugar can do that). After a few days of my chocolate binges & BAM...yeastie beasties. YUCK! And I'll even get these major killer headaches (withdrawal?) that last for @ least 2 days & not even Aleve takes the pain away...not even 3 Aleve takes it away.

I never had that problem before...even the 2 years of 'extreme stress', that I practically LIVED off p-nut m&m', many times after I eat, no matter what it stomach hurts...& in the I go. The articles are really good & explain a lot about how toxins build up in our bodies. The author recommends a MINIMUM of 10 days...not sure I can hold out that long.....I'm aiming for 3-5.

Hey...Survivor starts Thursday...& well, it's our FAMILY night & we usually eat a HUGE bowl of popcorn. lolol

Normally, I eat fairly healthy....not too much 'fast food' but we do eat PIZZA alot! lol

So I think this will do my body some real good. BUT...all I can think about is all the chocolate candies (good stuff too, kit-kats, snickers, hershey bars, half bag of p-nut m&m's on top of the fridge) that the ktbunch got from a b-day party sat. SEE...I AM addicted. I'm hoping this will help break my absurd addiction.

One day...almost down...but I'm also thinking of all the food that I just LOVE. I'm not even that hungry...I just LOVE food. lol

Wish me LUCK!

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