Sunday, September 25, 2005

Microscopic Life

Ds finally received the rest of his Science materials. Not that we really needed them to start, but it was a good excuse to wait. Part of it is a microscope. We had it since the beginning but the rest of the kit contained slides & film.

Every household should have a microscope. A REAL one. Really. Life is much more fascinating when viewed magnified 40x. We looked @ a flea. yuck. I've seen magnified pictures, it was the same. We looked @ paper, fabric, drop of water, flake of skin, an ant, yeast & a chunk of apple. We could see the cells moving in the apple. I wanted to try viewing a drop of blood but noone was volunteering for the finger prick required. lol

I thought it was very exciting. Minus the fact that it made me kinda crossed eyed.

We inspected a dollar bill right now.

Fascinating, absolutely fascinating.

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